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About Alyson

With several years experience in the mortgage industy, I found my nitch when I joined Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in 2006.  Wells Fargo provided an excellent training ground and helped me build a network of other professionals who enjoy helping families. I teach my experience to financial advisors, tax consultants, real estate agents, and home care specialists.  I demonstrate how it protects net wealth.  15 years ago, financial professionals rarely saw past the reverse mortgage stigma. Today, many appreciate how the line of credit option alone is worth the one time cost of the HECM refi.  All of this begins with comprehension.  My goal is to educate as many people possible.


When retirement funds are limited as in the case of many boomers, a homeowner @  62nd or better can secure a Line of Credit on their property that will grow at the product’s market interest rate which is the 1 yr Libor index (1.118)  plus a market driven margin of about 3%.  At this APR of 4.118%, 10,000 in 10 years is worth $18,372 with compounded interest.  What this is is future BORROWING POWER!  The money grows now for when it's needed later! 

Not only is equity money made liquid, but unlike most retirement funds, using the money does not pay the IRS.  Yes, proceeds from a Reverse Mortgage are TAX FREE.  There will never be a better time for this. 

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